Janet Lilo visual artist

The Normandie Research Project part three: Walk the talk | Wellington + Sydney 2015


WellingtonAirportMission: Walk from Wellington airport to Chop Suey Hui presentation venue and create an artist talk along the way.


In the end I decided not to present these photo’s for my talk and opted show images from my walk in France. On the way I picked up some Polaroid film and got the crowd to participate by making Polaroid drawings during the talk to take home.

Many thanks to Nina Tonga and Bridget Rewiti for inviting me to speak at the January Chop Suey Hui (2015).
Big shout to KAVA CLUB for organising inspiring events that bring together Maori and Pacific creatives to collaborate, connect, support & network, positively. Also, thanks to Tautai Pacific Arts Trust for supporting this adventure.orangeline

Janet_LouisaSydneyAirportMission: Walk from Sydney airport to Artspacei Gallery and create an artist talk for presentation the same day. Rules: Ask people for directions on the way.

SydneyairportSydneypelicansSydneyunderbridgeSydneymirrorcarparkSydneyfencewater SydneypoolSydneyredballoonSydneybikeSydneybillboardSydneytankSydneybwtissue Sydneybw2SydneyfoundobjectsSydneygloveSydneyqantasSydneydigSydneyqantasbSydneybushSydneyshadowSydneytrainSydneywalkway1SydneywaterSydneyplasticbagSydneyclothSydneybarbSydneywaterrubbishSydneytreeswaterSydneyfactreeSydneyglovesSydneypathSydneyworSydneywaterroadSydneycowardSydneylines1SydneyBLUESydneypalmsSydneybluebuildingSydneyshadowsSydneylines2 SydneysafetySydneycentralSydneysub1 Sydneysub2SydneycentralstationSydneycitySydneyMDMr. Mervyn Duckitt. SydneyMD2Sydney3plantsSydneycity2SydneyhoseSydneyfinal orangelineMany thanks to Artspace NZ [Misal Adnan Yildiz + Louisa Afoa] & Artspace Sydney (Alexie Glas-Kantor] for inviting us to share words and work at the opening of Imaginary Date Line.

Read full exhibition blurb here.

Also, special thanks to Tautai Pacific Arts Trust for their support in making this happen.


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