Janet Lilo visual artist

little text 2014 – 2015


littletextlilolittle text, a direct response to the curatorial notion of ‘making visible’, considers the documentary notion of distance in response to a controversial photo shoot with a Walters Prize nominee. The work utilises a phrase from a text — written by Caterina Riva and published on www.hashtag500words.com — that considers the experience of a performance re-staged for the 2014 Walters Prize through social media across vast geographical distances. This drawing installation similarly considers the use of technology as a form of documentary distance. Digital postcards with one-liner questions will be sent via email to participants of varying levels and degrees of intimacy and physicality. A cell phone will sit within the space to receive their text message responses.

franklin_lilo_061114_1web franklin_lilo_061114_2web franklin_lilo_061114_3web franklin_lilo_061114_4webprocessjanetlilo_littletext_2014Kalisolaite ‘Uhila’s Cell phone, Auckland Art Gallery

janetlil0_littletext_2014A conversation with curator Ioana Gordon-Smith.

The sound on Skype was not working.

My bright idea was to ring on the phone and use skype for visuals.

Living in the past, present and the future at the same time.

janetlilo_littletext_2014janetlilo_littletext_2014Hoop / Western Springs janetlilo_littletext_2014 Development in Weymouthjanetlilo_littletext_2014Election billboard in Avondalejanetlilo_littletext_2014😦

Blindspots_CaterinaRiva readfulltext

janetlilo_littletext_2014Auckland CityScreen Shot 2014-11-07 at 8.37.58 PM janetlilo_littletext_2014janetlilo_littletext_2014Test drawjanetlilo_littletext_2014 Newmarket Walljanetlilo_littletext_2014janetlilo_littletext_2014No rest for the wicked / Tarik Saleh / Lykke Li 2014janetlilo_littletext_2014janetlilo_littletext_2014janetlilo_littletext_2014 The Lunchbox Ritesh Batra 2013


Mr Kim Dotcomjanetlilo_littletext_2014Above: Douglas Rushkoff, Program or be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age

janetlilo_littletext_2014Sign / Avondalejanetlilo_littletext_2014janetlilo_littletext_2014janetlilo_littletext_2014janetlilo_littletext_2014Above: I would like to thank Lighting Supply Company for the discount 🙂 j

Below: One of my favourite art works.

StellaWashburnCord_Photo_MoniqueRedmondAbove: Phoebe Washburn cord NY 2011, phone photo courtesy of Monique Redmond. janetlilo_littletext_2014janetlilo_littletext_2014janetlilo_littletext_2014janetlilo_littletext_2014janetlilo_littletext_2014janetlilo_littletext_2014janetlilo_littletext_2014dpctjanetlilo_littletext_2014 janetlilo_littletext_2014 janetlilo_littletext_2014 janetlilo_littletext_2014 janetlilo_littletext_2014

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