Janet Lilo visual artist


Dear friends,

I am very happy to share my tenth birthday celebration with you.
Yes, I have decided to have a birthday for my art practice – in human years you could triple that and then add two (soon).

The actual celebration is not a physical event.
It is an acknowledgement of self reflection and my thoughts of recent surround all the great people in my life.
People who have helped and encouraged me along the way – because it is not possible to do anything alone.

When I finished high school as an eighteen year old I went to Wellington because I’d never been on a plane before. 100 flights later I’ve learned that flying to Wellington is actually quite awful. Testament to all the clapping upon landing I’ve experienced.

I grew up in a family that didn’t have much money or traveled past the suburbs, but what they did have was: incredible work ethic, the ability to show immense love, generosity for others and ridiculous humor. They were so proud when I went to university, but complained that I never painted them a nice bowl of fruit for the lounge and jokingly accused art school of being a kindergarten for big people.

Phone call 2009

Stepfather: How’s China?
Me: I’m in Japan
Stepfather: Same thing
Me: They’re completely different countries
Stepfather: So what are you doing over there – is it a holiday?
Me: No, It’s an artist residency – I’m actually working
Stepfather: Cool, it sounds like a nice holiday. Do you want to talk to your mother?
Me: Okay
Stepfather: Love you honey – be safe
Me: Love you too, Papa. I will.

My parents are also very good at looking after things,
for example they still have the same Toshiba microwave from 1989.
I admit, that is far more impressive than my art birthday.
Twenty five years and that thing is still on rotation.

I just wanted to take time to thank you for your love and support.
It means everything to me.

x j

With my sister Sarah (1989) photo: Papa


JanetLilo_bungalolightsAvondale lights from passenger windowJanetLilo_burnsallJanetLilo_city_lightsDe Guzman’sJanetLilo_smokemachinePiata’s place

JanetLilo_harryslackHarry watching fireworks / Kake + Hobbs Parlour eventJanetLilo_nightlightsNightlightsJanetLilo_greenJanetLilo_Siliga_LuisaLuisa + Siliga Setoga / Edendale Bowling Club

JanetLilo_AKmuseum JanetLilo_WM JanetLilo_ReefsAuckland War Memorial MuseumJanetLilo_LeonieLeone Samu / Teu Le Vā projectJanetLilo_Soane+Suli_ML Soane Pusiaki + Suliana Jacobsen / Teu Le Vā projectJanetLilo_SSJanetLilo_V1Vasiti Palavi / Teu Le Vā projectJanetLilo_Vasiti_PJanetLilo_SYW_hPt Chev / passenger window

JanetLilo_MarlainaSimonMarlaina Key + Simon Ashforth

JanetLilo_WairauBike ride / WairauJanetLilo_TeethlightsunderdeckJanetLilo_grasscutRiversdale grass cut + boat by Maila’sJanetLilo_boatJanetLilo_sawmillsmokoSmoking in the rainJanetLilo_shaltobuckSholto BuckJanetLilo_roadconeCone drawing 3JanetLilo_deerDeer drawing 2JanetLilo_cokesJanetLilo_hatLeigh SawmillJanetLilo_crowdFuck Yeah2014 / Jeancarlo, Lani, Franky + DrewJanetLilo_skypile sky / pileJanetLilo_windowskyJanetLilo_Parachute1 JanetLilo_Parachute2Oliver’s 1st birthday party parachute / drawings 1 + 3JanetLilo_fyard JanetLilo_lounge JanetLilo_rsaAvondale RSAJanetLilo_RoofRoof / RoadJanetLilo_roadtogoatislanddiveJanetLilo_crystalsymphonyJanetLilo_sunsetJanetLilo_BigBearJanetLilo_BearcoverBig bear spotting with IoanaJanetLilo_littleratRat roof catch # 1JanetLilo_fishchips JanetLilo_apple JanetLilo_washinglinethreeMama’s lineJanetLilo_washinglineJanetLilo_meltJanetLilo_sink1Milo’s toothpaste drawing 1JanetLilo_Volcano_twoJanetLilo_volcano_threeHarry’s volcano drawing 1+ 2JanetLilo_plaster1 JanetLilo_plaster2PlastersJanetLilo_c.selfieScreen Shot 2014-02-12 at 1.43.23 PM

JanetLilo_b.waterviewWaterview from passenger window / drawingsJanetLilo_reinforcementJanetLilo_WaterviewJanetLilo_underthebridge_roof JanetLilo_underthebridge_wideUnder the bridge / Ash St


JanetLilo_paknsavebagJanetLilo_PakNSavePNS bag/ drawing 2JanetLilo_foundhuttFound hutt / Heron ParkJanetLilo_h.5JanetLilo_h.4JanetLilo_hutts tressbwWoodhill + OrewaJanetLilo_palmScreen Shot 2014-02-12 at 1.42.33 PMtreestumpUnitec tree stump / drawing 2JanetLilo_wilderbeastwideWildebeest / Auckland Museum basement / Drawing 1 JanetLilo_mp1 JanetLilo_mp2 Maila Baker’s siva for ManameaJanetLilo_FaithWilsonFaith Wilson

JanetLilo_fingersbwpacificbasinWellington Harbour / plane window

Hendonave Hendon Ave / on the way to watch ‘Walking with dinosaurs’ at the movies.hendonroomDrawings: Design for Modern Living / found bookJanetLilo_MH1_w JanetLilo_RAW_couchscene JanetLilo_retrochairblanketsJanetLilo_retrochairScreen Shot 2014-02-12 at 12.07.56 PMJanetLilo_blanketcubes

video/ drawing: morning after Alicia Keys with Frances Kelly.


One comment

  1. Tessa King

    Happy 10th birthday Janet’s art practice! We’re so happy she brought you into the world. Here’s to many more inspired and inspiring years.

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